Tucker blasts the enemedia’s slobbering love affair with creepy Joe & “Dr Jill”

Tucker Carlson blasts America’s mainstream media and its ‘disgusting, corrupting love affair’ with Joe Biden

Tucker mocked the Politico piece, Carlson then added this:

“The Bidens’ affection is totally real. It’s in no way part of a slick PR campaign devised by cynical consultants determined to hide the president’s senility by misdirection. No, not at all! Their love is as real as climate change!”

Lefturds are enraged!

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted America’s mainstream media on Tuesday night, saying it has sunk to a new low with its ‘disgusting, corrupting love affair’ with President Joe Biden

Creepy Joe is getting very creepy:

Joe Biden on China’s human rights violations and genocide against the Uighurs: “culturally there are different norms”

IN other news:

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One thought on “Tucker blasts the enemedia’s slobbering love affair with creepy Joe & “Dr Jill””

  1. I don’t get too worked up about what the CCP is doing with the Uighers. I would be able to give some concern to it if the media when reporting on the matter also reminded people why the CCP initiated the program. It was after a series of jihad attacks by Uighers weilding machetes and the like and chopping up Han people in the street and other places, even a boarding school dorm IIRC, copying their Muslim brethren in Africa. To their credit the CCP recognized it is Islam that is the problem rather than lone wolves with mental issues so set about re-educating the Uighers. (In the West our governments have also instituted a re-education campaign but designed to gaslight the host population into ignorance of Islam and bringing in Muslims with no requirements to leave their supremicist ideology at home). I would also have more time to hear concern about the CCP treatment of the Uighers if the media nit only acknowledged the problem but spelled out their solution (not involving gaslighting the population impacted by jihad).

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