Creepy Joe sez “things may get worse again”


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They locked America down for a year under the guise of a “public health crisis, only to open the border to infected illegals.

What you heard earlier today from Joe Biden was not the speech of an American President guarding your liberty and freedom. It was the speech of an insane dictator.

“Biden says it’s a coronavirus bill and my response is ‘right, and the stripper really likes you.’ Calling this a coronavirus bill is like calling Harvey Weinstein a feminist.”

Watch the kids at an anti-whiteness pep rally with chanting to Aztec gods

This hate whitey movement has gone too far. Who will pull the plug?

California’s Proposed “Ethnic Studies” Curriculum Urges Students to Chant to Aztec Deity of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism – Calls For “Counter-Genocide” Against White Christians

Fraudci admits he doesn’t have the science to back travel ban or lockdown

Fauci, asked “what’s the science” for denying vaccinated Americans a return to travel, can’t explain.

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  1. Biden expresses concern about covid infections but at the same time is releasing thousands of infected illegal aliens far inside the US on our dime for the ticket. Insane.

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