EUrope’s Quietly Succumbs to Islamic Invaders

British Appeals Court Grants Asylum to Foreign Terrorist…

To say the British judiciary is very sympathetic to Islamic terrorists would be an understatement. It’s almost as if they were in cahoots with them.

Refugee status applies to anyone who fears being persecuted if repatriated, the court said. But it does not apply to people “guilty of acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” And that’s the reasoning that prevented Al-Sirri from obtaining asylum until now.

Robert Spencer:

UK Foreign Secretary Claims Britain is ‘Dismantling’ the ‘Lies’ of ISIS Recruiters

Twitter’s Sharia fascists suspend account of French teen inundated with death threats for criticizing Islam

Under fire, Twitter reversed the suspension and claimed it was a “mistake.” Have you ever noticed that all these “mistakes” go in the same direction? Twitter never bans leftists or Islamic supremacists by “mistake,” and deranged, hate-filled fascists such as Reza Aslan are free to spew threats of violence with impunity.

French Theater Director Stabbed Outside Church: Suspect Unknown…
Algerian Journalist Demands that France Return Eiffel Tower…
France Moves to Reopen Mosque Behind Teacher’s Beheading…

UK’s ‘conservative’ Telegraph publishes glamour photoshoot of jihadist Shamima Begum

The enemedia & their jihad financiers will not stop promoting her innocence until she is back in England.

What morally repugnant publication would present poison in a safe form? It was the Telegraph, which gushed: “Today Shamima Begum looks more suited to a shopping trip on Oxford Street than life in a camp for hardened jihadists.”

Migrant Taxi NGO Head Justifies Allegedly Getting Paid to Pick Up Migrants

Teens Indicted After Filming Themselves Blowing Up French Police Vehicle

13-Year-Old Muslim Student Admits She Made Up Story That Led to French Teacher's Beheading

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  1. So … You’re Reading This And You Are A Politician Bureaucrat or Judiciary !

    Well Know This – You Are A Recognised Criminal/Traitor !

    The Next Step In Your Career
    1. Round You Up.
    2. Incarcerate You
    3. Exterminate You

    Which Depend On What Your Public Record Contains !

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