The Coming Race War

Black Terrorists BASH grandpa for his phone and shoes

Footage has emerged of four black terrorists bashing an elderly grandpa for his phone and shoes.

Import the third world, become the third world.

Import savages, and watch savagery on a daily basis, while the enemedia blurs out their faces, leftist politclowns tell us “diversity makes us stronger” and the police no longer enforces the law because of Black Skin Priviliege.

Or “exterminate all the brutes”, according to “The Heart of Darkness” by Conrad.

No amount of truth, data, facts, etc. are going to break the spell of anti-White hatred, racism, and persecution. These people WANT to hate White people, and will manufacture any excuse to do so. All we can do is prepare for what’s coming, and defend ourselves accordingly.

From XYZ:


This screencap says it all, really.

All four african gang terrorists got either a slap on the wrist or very light sentences. This is why White men must stand up to black terrorists. They are roaming all over the West terrorising whoever they want, safe in the knowledge that the police and the courts will whip them with wet lettuce, and any White people who dare oppose them physically or politically will themselves be branded terrorists.

Although the violence committed by these black terrorists terrorises their victims, this is not the primary reason I refer to them as terrorists. These people are not intelligent enough to engage in politically motivated violence, ie terrorism.

Violence is simply what black people do.

The reason I describe this violence as politically motivated – terrorism – is because the political motivation lies with our government who let them in. Our government knows that black people are violent. It has all the data it needs to understand this. If our government wanted Australia to be a safe place, it would never have let any africans move here.

Our government is not /our/ government. It is actively replacing us, the native born White Australians of Anglo, Saxon and Celtic stock. This government wants Australia to become deracinated and compliant, and it wants a never ending supply of cattle which it can import to the tune of half a million a year to keep Australia’s GDP booming forever.

black terrorism against White Australians serves the political purpose of cowering us into submission to accept our own replacement. As stated, anybody who opposes this is branded a terrorist. Our only option is to spring the trap.

4 thoughts on “The Coming Race War”

  1. Get The Islams The Diversifies and Their Conspirators Out Of Australia.

    Australia Is White (Caucasian) Built !!!

    The Unentitled Are Requested To Leave.

  2. With cancel culture, white guilt, wokeness, and now critical race theory being taught in our schools, Anglo/Saxons of a Celtic heritage are being demonized. Just like the Jewish race during Nazi Germany, another holocaust is happening.


    “It’s always the fault of Straight White Males – Every Single Time! Because obviously, they are in general larger, stronger, faster and smarter (more competitively evolved to succeed) that non-straight gays, non-White People Of Color, and non-male WXMXN, so every time the latter fails at anything it can’t be simply because they are generally smaller, weaker, slower and dumber than the former, but because the latter must have been somehow so fearful of their inferiors that they decided to take time out from their busy days of literally minding their own businesses to dream up ever-new creative ways to “oppress” (confuse) them with, such as “logic,” “facts,” “science,” and “truth!” due to their natural “homophobic,” “racist,” “sexism,” resprctively! So combating this obviously inherent, “systemically engineered” social injustice with “woke” progressivism, is the duty of all shallow-thinking pre-judiced and biased anti-White bigots! Whee!” Or something like that.

    But of course it’s all “projection,” because “Those that can’t do, teach (others how to help them slander extort and enslave those who CAN do”)! It’s Takers vs Makers!

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