Insults to Islam are punishable by death

If you’re a Moslem you can say that and no one will object. If you happen to be a kuffar making such a statement, Mohammedans go apeshit. In fact, they call it a “misinformed and bigoted view of Islam.”  This is called taqiyya, religiously mandated lying to protect the religion.

Islamic Terrorists Strike Military Camp and U.N. Base in Nigeria

Islamic Terrorists Strike Military Camp and U.N. Base in Nigeria

Kidnappers Free Hundreds of Schoolgirls in Northwest Nigeria

Obama’s New Muslim Podcast: Allah’s “Throwing Shade at Jews and Christians”

The bastard son of a Gramscian whore & an African Moslem is literally dying to come out of the closet. But hey, leftoids will still insist that the Obamessiah is “not a Muslim”.

Mozambique: Jihad violence creates humanitarian crisis, 670,000 displaced

That’s what jihad does to people. But only Mohammedans are victims.

Congo: Muslims murder 10 people, decapitating 8 of them in jihad attack on village

Same modus operandi wherever Mohammedans assert themselves.

Syria: Children in refugee camp being trained to become ‘jihadists’ and ‘fight the infidels’

The brood of Moslems is being trained to become jihadists wherever they are. Being in a refugee camp is not a requirement.

UK: Muslim students demand apology for prof insulting Islam by saying insults to Islam are punishable by death

The Muslim students who are complaining and demanding an apology would be doing us all a favor if they actually explained how the points Steven Greer made in his class, such as the fact that “insult to Islam was punishable by death,” represent a “misinformed and bigoted view of Islam.”

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan: Al Qaeda Is on Our Side

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates famously said that Joe Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” The days of Biden making his own decisions have probably ended, yet his remarkable record is likely to continue, considering the people he has around him. Jake Sullivan is his National Security Advisor, serving as principal advisor on all national security issues. In 2012, Sullivan provided foreign policy advice to Hillary Clinton. He told her that al Qaeda “is on our side in Syria”:

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  1. islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Aggressive !
    islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Bullies !
    islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Butt Entered by Satan !
    islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Cowards !
    islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Criminal ! (this cover’s all)
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    This Is Why islam ‘n islam’s Require Extermination ‘n Removal From Humanity !
    This Is Why islam Conspirators ‘n islam’s Aiders and Abetters Require Extermination ‘n Removal From Humanity !

    1. islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Insulting !
      islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Intolerant !
      islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Idiotic !
      islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Thieves !
      islam ‘n islams – Knowingly Robbers !

      and I Change “Knowingly” to “Observably

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