A British School Caves to the Muslim Mob

A society on its knees

It has come to that.


A Religious Studies teacher from a school in Batley, England is now in hiding under police protection because he used an illustration of the Muslim prophet Muhammad as part of his learning materials in class. His family has also been forced into hiding with him for their safety.

The Muslim mob braying for his blood have blockaded the school gates, are actively inciting violence against the teacher in question, forcing the school to close and children to miss out on their education. A few of their number have posted a petition to have the teacher reinstated because they saw — first hand — that he was simply trying to teach them, not what to think, but how.

In response, the School Headmaster has prostrated himself on the ground in deference to the mob swarming at the gates, the police are reading and re-reading his endless apologies, and the teacher has been suspended pending investigation. Work will be the least of his concerns right now. His life and the lives of all those who are close face immediate threat.

Predictably, the British media are largely silent on the matter, preferring to prioritize other stories, or reporting with the kind of painful neutrality observed by Switzerland. And those who grift a living from “defending free speech” are mute, knowing their future income relies on their silence. They will try to protect what they have for just one more day — even though they will pay for their complicity in the end.

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If pushed, you will hear supposedly Conservative politicians talking about “avoiding offence” or asking for “calm.” These are the most centrist positions you can take when trying to say nothing and avoid the wrath of everyone.

Naturally the left-wing politicians from the area are siding with the Muslim mob (because their power depends on these votes) and every Islamic organization from here to Mecca is piling on with their condemnation and demands for reparations. This is an Islamic show of strength in the heart of Britain.       

It is not as if it needed reinforcing.

In October 2020, Samuel Paty was beheaded close to his school after showing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad to his students. His killer, 18-year-old Abdullakh Anzorov, was shot dead by police shortly after the attack but seven other people, including two students and a parent of one of Mr. Paty’s pupils, were detained in the days following the killing. This community works together to silence dissent.

And this evil will stop at nothing. The British teacher at the center of this nightmare will never have a life again. He will never leave his front door without wondering if he will be jumped, and he will live carrying the fear that one day one of his children will not get off the school bus at the end of the day, or that his partner will have acid thrown at her on the street.

I say this with certainty because I have lived it. It has been my truth also, every day for ten years since I became an outspoken critic of this religion of brutality. For some reason I even feel grateful the two jihadists who plotted and practiced beheading me are in prison. I am never certain gratitude is what I should be feeling, but anger and indignation are not healthy bedfellows and are best left lie alone.

The cursory commentariat reference the events at this one school in Batley with dispassion. But all of them are missing the more meaningful points of what is actually going on at this school and in the UK more generally.

Firstly, it is never about the individual involved. This is not about one school teacher or one illustration of Muhammad. When you want to make fundamental change against that which is reasonable, you make unreasonable demands and rush “status quo” with full force. You will not gain all the ground you were fighting for, but you make progress in a direction that is contra-normal or against freedoms of the many; for example, creating blasphemy laws in a secular country.

Britain badges itself as a secular society, but the reality is completely at odds with this thin veneer. The Muslim majority in our major cities are the most powerful influence in the UK today. De facto blasphemy laws are already in place; even reasonable observers on my social media feeds are questioning, “Why would you deliberately cause offence?” failing to see the error of their logic. What happens when being LGBT is an unreasonable offence? Should the UK only have single-story buildings erected for the future faced by the gay community here?

Fundamentally, Britain is being groomed to tolerate the intolerance of others. Because neither Islam nor those who practice it can be criticized, the intolerant beliefs held by many (both blockading the school gates in Batley and in wider British society) are also protected. When Muslim parents mounted an “It’s Not OK to be GAY” protest outside a school, replete with banners, loud hailers, and a truck bearing these words, nothing was said.

Eventually the leftist lizard must eat its own tail. It will have to pick a side. Will the left choose the LGBT minority or the Muslim majority who hold the power? We know the answer to this already.

The UK is not a safe country for my Jewish friends or my LGBT peers. Demographics alone confirm this where Muslim births outnumber births to all other religions by 2035. But every day events are highlighting the speed of our descent. De facto blasphemy laws already exist and are actively policed; soon they will be scribed into law.

No school teacher will ever go near this subject in any way ever again, not as part of a teaching exercise or discussion. The mob has achieved a direct victory by threatening the life of the man involved, and the country has accepted that violence dictates what can be taught in British schools in a supposedly secular country.

And yet again, white Christians have been forced to recognize their place in their own country, which is much diminished. If white Christian parents blockaded a school and demanded death to a teacher, I imagine the time between these utterances and a prison cell could be counted in mere minutes. At the school in question, the Muslim mob has a police force to protect them, and a society on its knees begging forgiveness for the offence caused. It is shaming to us all.

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