Creepy Joe: “White Supremacy is Terrorism”

Biden: Dissent Is Terrorism

In the aftermath of 9/11, when the USA had reason to regard itself as under siege by Islamic terrorism, some warned that measures intended to protect us from terrorists from abroad could be used against American citizens if bad people were to gain control of the federal government. This has now come to pass.

Radical leftists openly hostile to America’s core population control the White House and both houses of Congress. They are taking steps to ensure the control is permanent. This scene from Biden’s speech last night should raise the hair on the back of your neck:

Ironically, nearly 100% of the politically motivated violence in this country over the past year has been inflicted to advance black supremacism by Black Lives Matter and fellow-traveling Antifa rioters.

No worries about al Qaeda. It’s over there in the Middle East (just like it was on 9/11). The real threat is “white supremacism.”

White supremacism could be defined as resistance to critical race theory, the ideology aggressively promulgated by the Biden Administration. White supremacism is a failure to regard Caucasians as unworthy to have interests. In other words, white supremacism is resistance to left-wing racism. Dissent from leftist ideology = terrorism.

You don’t have to be white to find this alarming. You just have to know something about totalitarianism, and what life subsistence is like in countries that have succumbed to it.

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FNC’s Juan Williams Claims Republicans Lied About Cities Burning from BLM Riots

FNC’s Juan Williams Claims Republicans Lied About Cities Burning from BLM Riots

“Juan” is always & forever the agenda-driven affirmative action clown with cognitive dissonance.

How Fauci Manipulated the American People

Liberal demigod Anthony Fauci did not tell us the truth about the Covid mortality rate. He did not tell us the truth about the effectiveness of lockdowns. He admittedly lied about masks. He admittedly lied about herd immunity.

Having heard enough of his lies, Liz Wheeler won’t bother to ask him why people who have acquired natural immunity supposedly need to be vaccinated, why the vaccine has been distributed according to critical race theory rather than science, and why people who aren’t sick have to wear masks, leave alone people who have been vaccinated. She is ready to say goodbye:

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