First of all, ask LeBron

Calgary police return with more men and more guns…

And get told by everybody’s favourite Polish freedom-fighter to fuck off all over again…

Too late:

Portland Mayor Calls for ‘Unmasking’ Violent Protesters, Antifa Riot Follows

Ted Wheeler Fails Again as Portland Succumbs to Mob

A leftist mob inspired by Black Lives Matter seized effective control of Portland nearly a full year ago. Since then, it has rioted incessantly. At last Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says he is going to take back what’s left of the city on behalf of civilization:

“They want to burn, they want bash, they want to intimidate, they want to assault,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said Friday, while announcing the city would extend its state of emergency through Monday. …

“Together we can make a stand … and take our city back.”

Lacking the spine to confront Black Lives Matter, Wheeler squeaked, “If BLM leaders can show the courage to stand up to this mob, then we all should.”

For all intents and purposes, BLM is the mob, even in Portland, where few blacks live. Antifa riots on Black Lives Matter’s behalf.

Portland’s black community responds to Wheeler’s shifty doubletalk:

If Wheeler was trying to drive a wedge between Black Lives Matter and Antifa, he has characteristically failed.


3 thoughts on “First of all, ask LeBron”

  1. Donald “Controlled Opposition” Trump’s biggest failure, from his globalist masters’ standpoint, was that, as their pet carnival barker and pied peon-piper, he did his job too well, waking up the peons.

    His biggest failure from OUR standpoint, is that, as the American Intel agencies must have KNOWN Fauci himself not only created the virus, but also helped Bill Gates patent it, owns vaccine company stocks, and committed massive public fraud by lying in public again and again about the “ineffectiveness” of super-cheap hydroxychloroquine when in fact his own NIH had done studies back in 2015 PROVING it works – we must now ask WHY then did Donald “Controlled Opposition” Trump stand up on public TV stages with Fauci time after time, in stead of, you know, having him arrested for attempted global genocide!? And why is Trump still advising everyone to get vaxxed with an AIDS-causing experimental mRNA virus “vaccine” which will likely lead to sterility and immanent death?!

    Okay, yeah – that was rhetorical, and the obvious answer is “Because he IS the Controlled Opposition, and always was; he’s billions in debt to his globalist handlers for bad real estate deals and we all know it!

  2. No one dares to go there.

    But it is obvious if you’re willing to connect the dots.

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