Trudeau Promotes Covid Internment & the Warming Racket for the “Great Reset”

Thanks to Vlad Tepes we got video of the Tucker segment with Marc where he sounds the alarm about Trudeau’s totalitarianism & the “Great Reset” allures.

Tucker: Canada sending COVID positive citizens to ‘internment’ facilities

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host questions whether America would take the same route if Dr. Fauci suggested it

Fauci is most powerful, dangerous bureaucrat in American history

Author of bestselling book ‘Faucian Bargain’ joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss Biden’s chief medical adviser’s unprecedented pandemic powers

Laura Rosen Cohen on vaccine passports, the British hug stasi, and the evils of masking children…

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A couple of developments on the global warm-monger front

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The War on Free Speech

Michael E Mann, Loser (Again)