Bill Gates and Fraudci On The Way Out?

After a year and a half there is one truth that cannot be ignored: You can’t eradicate a virus by locking people down.

Dr Simone Gold
It’s not “research” if they’re censoring opposing information. It’s not “science” if you’re not allowed to question it.

Republicans Demand Fraudci’s Firing over Wuhan Lab Funding & Flip-Flopping

‘Political Considerations’ Have Influenced Fauci…

Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tropes ‘Buried the Message’ COVID-19 Could Have Come from Lab

That’s the reaction from the unhinged journaille.


James O’Keefe and his investigative team have now revealed that Facebook “filters” content that expresses vaccine skepticism based on values such as supporting liberty or personal religious beliefs.

Zuckerbugger is a Stalinist. Audit his taxes. Remove Section 230 shield for this disgusting left-wing organization. Twitter is worse.

Bill Gates and Fauci On The Way Out?

Fauci, Gates, the Democrats, and social media such as Facebook have lost the moral high ground.

They never did possess it in the first place, but that was the perception corporate media kept shovelling at us.

Fauci is now a proven liar. He lied to Congress. He’s a disingenuous flip-flopper and glory seeker.

Bill Gates was friends with Jeffrey Epstein AFTER the latter was convicted as a pedophile. Gates claims it’s because he thought Epstein had the string-pulling means to bring him the Nobel Peace Prize. Sure, Bill. We know what you were really after.

Facebook has behaved in a disgusting, anti-free speech manner. Apparently Zuckerberg wants to emulate communist China.

The pro-mask, pro-vaccine crowd is rapidly descending toward the immoral low ground.