Fakebook heavily engaged in vaxx promo

The plan to vaccinate the entire population is a delusional and insane undertaking.

Why the big push to vaccinate children? What is the science behind this?

Dr Simone Gold: The Fight Against Mediacal Corruption

REVEALED: Biden shut down Pompeo-led effort to prove theory COVID originated from Wuhan lab over concerns about quality of evidence – as Trump says he’s glad mainstream media is finally admitting he’s right as it’s ‘obvious’ that’s where virus came from

  • Joe Biden’s team ended a State Department investigation into Wuhan lab
  • The investigation was begun by Mike Pompeo’s allies in fall and ran until spring
  • Three sources told CNN that the inquiry was ended when Trump left office
  • Trump had long claimed that the ‘lab leak’ theory for COVID-19 was likely
  • Many scientists initially disregarded the theory but are now accepting it  

Everybody knows, but you’re not allowed to talk about it:

This is bad. Very bad:

O’Keefe joins Hannity to discuss Veritas’ NEW BOMBSHELL Two-Whistleblower story from within Facebook

Dr. Andrew Bostom on Covid facts via Blaze TV


On June 6th, 2021, a new state parliament in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, will be elected. On the first day of the AfD election campaign kick-off event, Thuringian AfD state chairman Björn Höcke’s home was searched by police. The raid took place after the state conjured up “hate speech” and sedition accusations. The conservative politician has laughably been accused of denigrating Antifa activist Carola Rackete and criminal “refugees” in a Facebook post. The move is Chancellor Angela Merkel’s latest underhanded measure aimed at stopping her only opposition, the conservative AfD party. […]

The fact that police searched the politician’s house on the day of the start of the election campaign because of alleged incitement to hatred gives the impression that it is more than a coincidence. Höcke’s testimony should not be a crime in a democratic state, nor should one overturn one’s immunity because of political orientation.  Moreover, even the accusation of “hate speech” does not justify a raid.

It’s easier to put you in chains if you don’t struggle

By David Bistrup/ Catallaxy Files

This is a follow on from yesterday’s article.

I became interested in the whole Covid drama last year when it seemed that the issue was being overdramatised here in Australia and governments started f**king with peoples civil liberties. Earlier this year I found and read two books that opened my eyes considerably. The first is “Virus Mania” written by Torsten Englebrecht and Dr Claus Kohnlein, (ISBN: 978-3-7519-4253-9), and the second is “Corona False Alarm” written by Drs Sucharit Bhakdi and Karina Reiss, (ISBN 978-1-64502-057-8).

The credentials of these people are easily found in a search, but make sure you vet the loony sites.

Being retired I have the luxury of time to delve into things and recognise that others are not so fortunate. I do not expect everyone to rush out, buy the books and read them immediately, even though I consider it time well spent, but want to make the point that there is a lot of information out there that never reaches us through newspapers and other media.

I was also prompted by an article in today’s Australian titled “Doctors back travel exemption after jab” where the president of the AMA is quoted as saying “the important thing is giving Australians a good reason to get vaccinated….particularly young Australians who don’t feel vulnerable to Covid: it might be just the thing to give them a reason to go and get the vaccine”

 In other words, get vaccinated or you will be unable to travel, or in the extreme do anything in the wider society because you will be deemed to be “unclean”. It does not seem to be anything to do with not getting sick, just helping the government out of a hole they dug all by themselves. Data from https://www.health.gov.au/resources/covid-19-deaths-by-age-group-and-sex released on 19 May 2021 gives the Covid “death rate” for people between 0 and 49 years of 0.55%, for those 70 and above account for 94% and 80 and above for 76%. Why would we vaccinate young people with strong immune systems? Its nuts and it’s scary.

Earlier today I found a video featuring Dr Bhakdi where he warned against mass vaccinations and had words to say about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines on offer. Here is the link: (https://www.bitchute.com/video/uTnglwDFLxJj/). It is a 40 minute video so you need some spare time. In the video he mentioned an upcoming book written by him and his wife Dr Reiss and mentioned that the chapter on vaccines was available in English from his publishers website. I have downloaded it and it is here.


On page 9 of the chapter he says “The plan to vaccinate the entire population is a delusional and insane undertaking” and on P14/15 says” Physicians who do not alert those willing to be vaccinated to the risk that vaccination could make the disease worse, not better, are in violation of their duty to inform.

We need to be biting and scratching against this bullshit.