More on the current situation in Israel

A large part of the world insists that the kicking out Jews – and only Jews, not Israeli Arabs – from their historic homeland, where many of them have lived all their lives, is “justice” – while evicting a few illegal squatters who refuse to pay rent is what they call “ethnic cleansing.”

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Residents of Dasht-e-Barchi, a Shia neighbourhood, blame the government for the attack that has killed 58, mostly students.

Residents Al Jazeera spoke to on Sunday said the government has not done nearly enough to secure Dasht-e-Barchi [Reuters]

Residents Al Jazeera spoke to on Sunday said the government has not done nearly enough to secure Dasht-e-Barchi

According to the Supreme Court, the land in question “was owned by Chief Rabbi (Hacham Bashi) Avraham Ashkenazi and Chief Rabbi Meir Orbach until the War of Independence [1948], after they purchased it in 1875 from its Arab owners.”
Subsequently, two Jewish organizations, Va’ad Eidat HaSfaradim and Va’ad HaKlali L’Knesset Yisrael, worked to register the land with British Mandatory government in 1946.
The properties were registered with Israeli authorities under these two organizations in 1973.
These organizations sold the properties to the Nahalat Shimon organization in 2003.
According to a 1979 High Court decision, and re-affirmed repeatedly in subsequent cases, as in the case of any tenant living on someone else’s property, residents living on the land owned by these organizations were required to pay rent to the organizations that owned the properties. Their failure to do so, along with instances of illegal building and illegally renting properties to others, resulted in the current legal proceedings against them, culminating in the District Court decision.
The Arabs claims that they are the legal owners have been proven to be false in court many times over the years.
Israel-haters, however, are calling evicting a few dozen illegal squatters “ethnic cleansing.”

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  1. I’ve never seen any Jew demanding the Turks reparations for invading “their homeland” for 1000 years, ever. There isn’t a single Jew in Turkey’s government, but Jews are BFFs and helped kill Armenian Christians two months ago.

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