No Covid found, but: there will be no free speech under the Biden regime

With blog entries lifted from Vlad Tepes

There will be no free speech under a Biden regime:

Apparently, 1st amendment rights don’t apply to those who do not accept the official narrative of the current regime as truth.

Jen Psaki: “the major platforms have a responsibility… to stop amplifying untrustworthy content, disinformation and misinformation, especially related to covid-19, vaccinations, and elections.”

When does a conspiracy theory just become, you know, a conspiracky?

Alberta Government’s own data shows hospital bed and ICU utilization at five-year low

CALGARY:  The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms today released extensive government data (see links and images throughout) showing that Alberta’s hospitals are not overcrowded, are in no immediate danger of being overwhelmed, and haven’t been in serious danger of turning away patients for more than a year.