WSJ: Facebook ‘Fact-Checkers’ No Better than ‘Trolls’


Facebook’s “fact-checkers” are “no better than trolls who pan political adversaries’ books on Amazon without bothering to read them,” writes physicist Steven E. Koonin in a stinging op-ed in Monday’s Wall Street Journal.

The essential Islam, the essential Moslem

Muslims always deny the Holocaust while threatening a new one. And no, these are not so-called “Islamic totalitarians” doing so, but plain old everyday Muslims. For those who still cling to the myth that Islam is not the Islamic enemy’s ideology: my Muslim family—in America— made up of average, everyday Muslims, admire Hitler, which is why I’ve come to refer to him as Islam’s Favorite Infidel. However “moderate” my Muslim family is, there’s nothing moderate about their Jew-hatred and contempt for women. The fact that there exist stores in what is called “Palestine” named Hitler, run by average everyday Muslims, and not “Islamic totalitarians”, should disabuse everyone of the notion that the problem is limited to so-called “extremists”, and accept the damning fact that there exists a serious problem within Islamic culture at large. —Bosch Fawstin, ex-Moslem

Soros-Backed J Street Demands Ceasefire Between Israel, Hamas

Traitors to America, traitors to Israel and the Jewish people.

Sec. of State Antony Blinken Says He Has Not Seen Proof that AP, Hamas Were in Same Building