Ivermectin deniers have blood on their hands.

On a scale from one to bigly, how bigly did Trump really win 2020?

BREAKING: Joe Biden went the entire day without acknowledging the anniversary of D-Day on either of his Twitter accounts 

Q: who needs D-Day when you got dementia already?

But seriously: how can a sitting US president and VP can ignore or forget D-Day. Not a single word from Biden or Harris yesterday. Not one!

Dr Anthony Fauci is 'the gold standard of double standards' | Sky News Australia

The virus revisited: #FoxNews #Tucker

Tucker: Why did they lie to us for so long

Vlad Tepes:

CBC article detailing one ambitious lawsuit against much of the government for declaring a pandemic and taking away all our rights with no actual supporting evidence to do so.

A Chinese military scientist named Yusen Zhou filed for a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine in the early days of the coronavirus crisis, before the disease had officially been declared a pandemic. Unfortunately, Mr. Yusen died suddenly in May of last year and is no longer around to answer questions about his prescience.

One thought on “Ivermectin deniers have blood on their hands.”

  1. I would like to see a class action by all who have either lost someone to Cv19 thanks to the criminal banning of HCQ and Ivermectin or lost their business due to the state governments actions in Victoria and Queensland
    I am no lawyer but I think there has been a blatant infringement of human right here.

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