Shrillary should have shown Fraudci how to ‘acid wash’ his emails

Fraudci made some big mistakes. And he didn’t manage to cover his tracks:

7 Questions Anthony Fauci Has Not Answered on Email Scandal, Role in Funding Coronavirus Research Abroad

The Biden regime has no interest in investigating the Wuhan lab leak because real investigation leads back to Fauci which leads back to the US government.

“TOLD YOU”; Rand Paul Reacts To Bombshell Revelations From Fauci Emails –

Rand Paul: Fauci Emails Offer a ‘Disturbing Picture’

Former MI6 Boss: Chinese Communists Will Have Destroyed Wuhan Lab Leak Evidence by Now

These “former M16 bosses” are generally quite clueless, but this one may be onto something….

One thought on “Shrillary should have shown Fraudci how to ‘acid wash’ his emails”

  1. Bruce Aylward in an interview with Hong Kong’s rthk_news

    When asked about Taiwan he pretended not to hear the question. The journalist asks again and he hangs up!

    She calls back & he says “Well, we’ve already talked about China.”

    How shameless and corrupted can Bruce Ayward get.

    When he talks about China (all parts of China) he also means Taiwan.

    Bruce Aylward, is head of the independent WHO China Joint Mission on COVID-19.

    I do not think that WHO is independent

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