‘That’s What Guns Are For’

Mark McCloskey to Newsmax: ‘By God, I Did It; That’s What the Guns Were For’

That’s exactly what guns are for. You use them to defend your life & property from rioting mobs who would beat you to death & burn your house down. This is the societal contract based on fundamental principles. That’s what Leftoids seek to destroy.

These pictures went around the world.

Avoiding felony gun charges, Mark and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges Thursday, settling a legal battle over whether the gun-toting couple broke laws in holding guns as protesters broke the gate and walked through their neighborhood last year.

“He dropped all the felony charges, all the gun charges, and charged me with a crime that said I purposely placed other people in apprehension of imminent fear of physical injury — and, by God, I did it,” McCloskey told Newsmax‘s “Greg Kelly Reports.

“That’s what the guns were for. The guns were there to scare people off and make sure they didn’t approach us. And that’s what the guns did.

“That’s what the Second Amendment was there for, and I couldn’t say no to that one,” he added.

McCloskey, a staunch conservative and supporter of former President Donald Trump, is running for Senate in Missouri and avoided jail time on “two felonies each that could land us four years in the slammer,” he told host Greg Kelly.

“As I said on the courthouse steps, if that’s a crime in Missouri, I did it, and I’ll do it again,” he continued, noting he is going to pay the “parking ticket, a $750 fine and that’s it.”

There is still a further possibility of a pardon from Missouri GOP Gov. Mike Parson.

“I would like for him to do that, but it’s totally up to the governor,” McCloskey added. “He has said he would, but I will leave it up to the governor. He’s a great guy and he’s a great governor and he’s done wonderful things for Missouri.”

McCloskey denounced false narratives about his legal case, particularly considering his “very diverse” neighborhood he was protecting.

“All these attempts to paint it as some kind of white supremacist stronghold is just ridiculous,” he said.

Now, after wanting the “world to leave” him to “heck alone, let me live out my life in peace and comfort,” McCloskey is now inspired to run for the Senate and stand for conservative values in Congress.

“But God came knocking on our door disguised as an angry mob, and it transformed us,” McCloskey concluded. “Patty and I decided to just put the rest of our lives on hold and do what we can to save this great nation.

“Our liberties are being stripped from us so quickly, and the country is deteriorating so fast, we just said, ‘We don’t care what it takes, we’re going to put everything else on hold, and do what we can to restore the America that we knew when we were kids.'”