Vaccine “hesitancy?” Don’t take that jab!

Zuckerbugger attacks whistleblowers & vaccine “hesitancy”

THE Australian is very angry with Australians. Crisis-infatuated from the get-go, the newspaper’s pandemic obsession is now becoming shrill, if not sinister. Its chief national reporter Tom Dusevic today targets the vaccine “hesitant” in a lengthy piece outlining ‘expert’ opinions on how to ‘nudge’ dissenters towards compliance. Part of the ‘problem’ is that the state is not using the creepy cattle-prods at its disposal:
Submit to the VAX, you ignorant plebs!

Fraudci ‘Not Concerned’ About Coronavirus Variant for People Who Are Vaccinated…

Anthony Fauci: ‘We Don’t Know For Sure’ How Long Coronavirus Vaccine Protection Lasts

Still wanna get vaxxed?

Nothing to do with the 2nd jab. This has everything to do with blood clots.

France: Muslim Migrants Far More Impacted by Deadly Cases of Coronavirus