4th of July 2021: a time for leftoids to hate America

To be updated as the news rolls in…

..Americans Expect Fireworks as Fourth of July Celebrated with a Bang

Mike Lindell is slowly but surely exposing the voting fraud travesty in the US 2020 election. Lindell has risked reputation and his fortune for his country.

CCP celebrates the 100th anniversary of its reign of terror over the Lao Baixing this week—but they won’t like the present they got in Minneapolis federal court with Mike Lindell and his company (My Pillow)!

As first disclosed here, the Chinese Communist Party—CCP—purchased controlling interest in Dominion Voting Systems from Staples Street Capital in Canada, via UBS Bank on October 8th, 2020, less than a month before the biggest vote fraud in American history.

We showed you the SEC filings last year, so that’s not a rumour, it’s a fact that this business deal occurred.  The CCP owns controlling interest in (and over) Dominion Voting Systems and its many subsidiaries.

The communist agenda cannot succeed without censorship:

Schumer Marxist Agenda/ stolen election