Australia does not need a “vaccine roll-out”; it needs competent people running the place.

Coercion to vaccinate is not on. It’s tyrannical & unAustralian. But it is happening all around us & it must be resisted.

This Covid scare is ridiculous

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As we all sweat on the next round of restrictions designed to save us from the “deadly disease” I offer the following regarding the situation here in SA, the state of darkness.

The numbers come from the South Australian Covid-19 Dashboard Table Data.

Currently we have zero Covid cases in hospital and that has been the situation for months.

Since the beginning of this year there have been 760,000 tests done to identify 249 cases. This is a rate of 3,052 tests per case. If the cost per test all-up, (including the testing infrastructure, labour and lab testing costs), was $50.00 then the cost to identify each case has been $152,600.00 and no one has died and no one is in hospital. There have been a total of 4 deaths in SA, the last being on 12 April 2020 – well over one year ago.

The grand total to date for SA cases is 831 giving a Case Fatality Rate of 4/831 which is 0.48%. Applying this to the 2021 case count of 249 we should have had one more death but there have been zero.

In the past few days as the hysteria has been ramped up about the “highly transmissible Delta variant” the rate of testing has gone through the roof and the testing rate is now just under 12,000 per day.

Since the start of June 2021 to 3 July the number of tests performed in SA is 198,286 to identify 63 cases. Using the $50.00 test cost each case cost taxpayers $157,370.00. And no one is “sick” in hospital.

Nationally there are currently 68 Covid patients in hospital beds and 7 in Intensive Care, for a total of 75.

SA, Tasmania, ACT and WA are all zero in both categories; Victoria has one case in ICU as does Queensland with 5 ICU patients in NSW. The best I could find on hospital and ICU beds in Australia, (2018 numbers), is 55,730 hospital beds and 2,067 ICU beds. Covid is using 0.33% of ICU capacity and 0.12% of hospital bed capacity.

The pathetic little people who are supposed to govern the country lost the plot months ago and the fearmongering “health experts” who fan the flames have them in their grip. Somehow they have managed to ruin the country, put future generations in debt and turn the citizens into frightened sheep. It is a great example of bureaucratic group think.

Australia does not need a “vaccine roll-out”; it needs competent people running the place.

A nurse prepares a syringe that contains the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in Germany.

Vaccine coercion has no place in a liberal democracy

Rocco L oiacono The Australian July 6, 2021
On Friday Scott Morrison, supported by the premiers and territory chief ministers, announced that coronavirus vaccination passports would be part of this country’s four-phase pathway out of the pandemic. I am not against vaccines and understand the government must keep its citizens safe by all ethical means possible, but governments, bureaucracies and business leaders have no right to enforce or coerce an individual to take a medical treatment against the individual’s better instincts or judgment. In a democracy, individuals have the right to make their own choices after considering every viewpoint. To this end, the government’s role is to persuade, not to coerce.
The Australian Immunisation Handbook makes this point clear: “(Vaccines) must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.” This principle of informed consent to medical treatment is enshrined in the Nuremberg Code of 1947, of which Australia is a signatory. This code came into being as a result of the atrocities of World War II and the revolting medical experiments conducted by the Nazis and other totalitarian regimes against their own people in the name of science.
Suggestions that mandatory vaccinations will be limited to certain sectors or circumstances because they are “in the public interest” are naive at best and vacuous at worst.
Where will this end? It will be the thin end of the wedge. In the US this has led to the introduction of vaccine passports, which the World Health Organisation has acknowledged gives rise to complex, ethical issues.
Florida Governor Ron De­Santis has banned their use in his state. “It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply participate in normal society,” De­Santis said.
Florida, with no lockdown, has had fewer Covid deaths per million than lockdown-mad states such as New York, California and New Hampshire. These same states have gone back to the future with Jim Crow-era laws segregating unvaccinated people or, like the Nazis did to the Jews, forcing them to wear labels. This is what happened to students attending their senior prom at a New Hampshire high school last month.
Recently the British Medical Journal argued that governments should approach vaccine passports with caution, given that more evidence about the long-term effectiveness of different types of coronavirus vac­cines and the duration of protection they confer is required, considering the emergence of new variants.
The BMJ also noted the public health principle of least infringement, which states that to achieve a public health goal, policymakers should implement the option that least impairs individual liberties.
What is more, the decision to take a medication must remain the sole preserve of the patient-doctor relationship, so that particular individual circumstances can be considered.
Since we have an increased understanding of coronavirus, it is evident that it is far less dangerous than the Spanish flu. It has an infection fatality rate of less than 0.1 per cent for people under 70. It would be difficult therefore to justify discrimination on the basis of vaccine status, especially if one has no pre-existing conditions or is not in a vulnerable category.
Further, as the BMJ noted, there are those who might not be able to have the vaccine for medical reasons, including pregnant women, who were not included in clinical trials.
Additionally, ethical concerns have been raised in relation to certain coronavirus vaccines that have either been derived from the cell lines of an electively aborted foetus (in the case of the AstraZeneca vaccine), or laboratory testing of them has been conducted utilising such cell lines. The Catholic and Anglican archbishops of Sydney, Anthony Fisher and Glenn Davies respectively, wrote of such concerns in August. Following this, the Prime Minister promised that he would be sensitive to these concerns. In his words: “These are personal judgments that people make and you’ve got to always be respectful of other people’s views.”
NSW Council for Civil Liberties spokesman Stephen Blanks advised that the federal government would need to ensure allowances were made for people who had legitimate reasons for not getting vaccinated, noting those reasons could be health, religious or conscience based. Such reasons are protected under articles 18 and 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has said employers must provide “reasonable accommodations” for workers who can’t or won’t get vaccinated because of religious reasons, pregnancy or a disability.
Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has declared more than once that the coronavirus vaccine will be “entirely voluntary”.
Persuasion is understandable. Coercion is not. In Australia, we do not discriminate (and neither should we) on the basis of race, sex, colour, religion, age and so on. Why then should we discriminate on the basis of medical status? Telling traumatised Australians they can work, visit their loved ones or carry on their normal business only if they inject a certain drug is completely unacceptable and indeed reprehensible. This would be unethical, discriminatory and nothing short of emotional blackmail.
Rocco Loiacono is a senior lecturer at the Curtin University Law School.

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  1. Australia does not need a “vaccine roll-out”;
    Australia needs competent people running the place
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    1. with the reality of …
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