Don’t you wish it only was a conspiracy theory?

We, the people

We have one thing the elites don’t, sheer weight of numbers. It’s overwhelming and unbeatable once mobilised

We should boycott every business that forces people to be vaccinated.

Bars in San Francisco are now requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination before they will be allowed to drink indoors. In contrast, a bar in Huntington Beach, California is refusing service to anyone who cannot prove they are UNvaccinated


No, Democrats don’t really want to defund the police. What they want to do is replace a justice system that protects people from violent crime with one that punishes them for political dissent while treating criminals as martyrs and heroes.

That’s Black Lives Matter in a nutshell.

This not a “mural.” It’s racist grafitti on public property.

While California Turns Muggings Into Misdemeanors, Driving Over a BLM Mural is a Felony – Frontpagemag

Soon after this uproar, the Capitol Police backed down from their stance. They won’t arrest anyone for not wearing a mask. They’ll just kick them out.

A victory, but still not great. The point wasn’t that the cops would arrest someone, but that Pelosi thought she could mandate something like a dictator.

I don’t know anyone who is sick. Not one person. I will not lock down while the border is wide open. It’s not going to happen. I have a life & I intend on living it

If you believe the government is our only source of truth, a superficial dig below the surface reveals this is not the case.

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  1. Re: “We should boycott every business that forces people to be vaccinated.”

    Too bad right now conformist vaxholes still outnumber sane people!

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