Katie Hopkins to be deported from Oz for mocking hotel quarantine

We are governed by a bunch of Stalinist blockheads. This kind of overreach by bureaucrats is revolting & shows how far we have already succumbed to tyranny.

“The collateral damage is greater than the beast of Covid.”

“Scientists are particularly concerned that [C19] vaccination may damage the developing immune system of younger children…and companies must show it will not make children who get C19 more ill – which has happened with other vaccines in the past” telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/07/1

“The collateral damage is greater than the beast of Covid.”
A Victorian hospitality business leader has called for rapid testing using at-home Covid kits to allow people to attend events and travel freely across state borders. It comes as the events industry say they’ve reached a breaking point.

But will it work? It’s happening overseas – so why not here?…

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