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Fraudci: New Mask Recommendations Will Incentivize People to Get Vaccinated

On Tuesday’s “PBS NewsHour,” White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said he believes that new mask recommendations by the CDC will serve as an incentive for people to get vaccinated.

Host Judy Woodruff asked, “Dr. Fauci, other pushback we’re hearing from conservatives, they’re saying this new mandate is going to undermine confidence on the part of people who haven’t been vaccinated yet. It’s going to take away the incentive to get vaccinated.”

Fauci answered, “I would think, Judy, just the opposite. We would not be in this situation if we already had now the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated. We would not be having the viral dynamics that give you a red and an orange zone. If we had the overwhelming proportion of the people vaccinated, we would not be having this conversation.”

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