Tucker Carlson Airs HARD EVIDENCE of Voter Fraud, Internet Explodes

Internet Explodes After Tucker Airs HARD EVIDENCE of Voter Fraud in Fulton County

More on Voter Fraud Today… Far more details from group Tucker spoke about and more…  TRUMP WON by a landslide. It is coming out. Republicans still have the Senate and won the House by MANY MANY seats. All Republicans need do is start up Forensic audits in their state, and then THROW ALL MACHINES OUT as the Deep State uses them to get Democrats and corrupt Republicans like Governor or Georgia elected.  FIGHT THEM – SAVE THE REPUBLIC.  ALL STATES – AUDIT, even states Trump won as you will see how the vote was scammed even in Texas!

Bannon To Raffensperger: “Lawyer Up” – This man is busted, needs prison time for what he did to make Biden win Georgia

WOW! AZ Audit Finds 74,000 Ballots Returned and Counted in 2020 Election with NO RECORD of Being Sent Out!

Massive Errors And Falsified Docs Found In Georgia (60% – FRAUD Exposed with public docs)

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Steven Bannon will go down in history as one of our GREATEST Patriots who he this nation from Marxism.  Never forget who fought for this nation… 

CIA Was Plotting to Leak My Putin Interview Request to Portray Me as a ‘Disloyal American,’ ‘Stooge of the Kremlin’

Tucker: NSA planned to leak my emails to media outlets

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson slammed the National Security Agency (NSA) for allegedly planning to leak his request to the Russian government for an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Carlson, the aim of the Biden NSA was to paint him as disloyal and a Russian “stooge.”

Tucker accuses journalists of ‘covering up’ and ‘cheering on’ surveillance state

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley weighs in on the NSA surveilling ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Mark Steyn raises concerns about the American Intelligence community

Steyn criticized the ‘dark, bloated bureaucracy with massive powers to violate the privacy of anyone they want to’

Mark Steyn raised questions about the United States intelligence community Thursday on ‘Fox News Primetime.’

MARK STEYN: When you have, as America does, some five million people with a security clearance, that’s equivalent to the entire population of New Zealand all thinking they’re James Bond: you have a dark, bloated bureaucracy with massive powers to violate the privacy of anyone they want to. In theory, they should be using this power against foreigners, but the massive expansion of the 24/7 panopticon surveillance state since 9/11 has done nothing for America’s position in the world:  

We know so little about our Afghan adversaries that we’ve taken twenty years to lose to goatherds with fertilizer.