More evidence on the stolen election, the rats are running for the exits….


The United States just had a hostile unlawful and fraudulent election. The truth is there in plain sight and nobody wants to hear the case?

Yeah F that.

Raffi runs for the exit:

Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Tries to Throw His Fulton County Election Team Under the Bus – Former NYPD Chief Bernie Kerik Puts Him In His Place

Arizona Audit Team Escorted from Building after Explosive Hearing Confirming Thousands of Fraudulent Votes — Applause Breaks Out! (VIDEO)

“There’s More to Come” – Jovan Pulitzer on the Arizona Maricopa County Election Audit (VIDEO)

BOOM! Arizona Senate Audit Team CAUGHT THEM! Ballots were on WRONG PAPER STOCK — Supports the SHARPIEGATE SCANDAL! (VIDEO)


“There’s More to Come” – Jovan Pulitzer on the Arizona Maricopa County Election Audit (VIDEO)

WOW! AZ Audit Finds 74,000 Ballots Returned and Counted in 2020 Election with NO RECORD of Being Sent Out!

AZ SENATE AUDIT HEARING: Senate Leader Karen Fann DESTROYS Liberal Hack Katie Hobbs’ Ignorance on Voting Machines and Calibration Procedures (VIDEO)

AZ Senator Sonny Borelli: “Secretary of State Should Be Removed! She Should Resign. So Should All of the County Supervisors!” (VIDEO)

State Senator Sonny Borelli on Today’s AZ Hearing: “I’m Hearing There’s Some Very Eye-Opening Things that Are Going to Be Revealed – We’re All Waiting” (VIDEO)

Maricopa County’s Supervisors Decide to Purchase $3m More in Dominion Voting Machines Claiming They Were Decertified by Senate Audit – But They Never Were Properly Certified

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