It begins: Talibandits start murdering people already

Talibandits in Jalalabad opened fire on demonstrators who pulled down a Taliban banner. Some accounts say that one person was killed, while others report three deaths.

In other news, Greece is preparing both its land and sea borders for a new wave of refugees from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Taliban Kills Woman For Not Wearing A Burqa, While News Outlets Continue To Echo False Narrative From Taliban

Taliban Execute Four Afghanistan Army and Police Commanders in Kandahar Cricket Stadium

Taliban leader and new President of Afghanistan Abdul Ghani Baradar addresses the nation

New Afghan leader explains that next is the reimposition of harsh sharia law. His words of course, are “restore law and order.” “According to Islamic Law”, But you can be assured, this means harsh sharia with the Hudud (corporal punishments) which civilization generally finds repugnant. But are far from the worst attributes of this change.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Says They’ll Only Evacuate Stranded Americans “Until the Clock Runs Out” (VIDEO)

STUNNING: Woke General Milley Claims Taliban Is Not Interfering at Kabul Airport as White House Lashes Out at Taliban for Interfering at Airport

CLOWN SHOW: US State Department Accuses Taliban of Violating Their Promises on Access to Kabul Airport (VIDEO)