@NickiMinaj went on Instagram Live last night to her 157,000,000 followers and gave a very powerful speech about how America’s Cancel Culture is turning us into a country like China. I love to see people waking up & standing up!

Rap Star Nicki Minaj Compares Cancel Culture in U.S. to Communist China: ‘Don’t Y’all See What’s F**king Happening?’

You don’t have to be a rap fan to get the message. Leftoids are going apeshit because this women can reach more people on social media than the whole lame stream media combined.

As the mainstream media attacks her for expressing skepticism about the coronavirus vaccine, rap superstar Nicki Minaj has hit back against cancel culture, comparing it to the suppression of free speech in Communist China.

In a recent Instagram stories post, Nicki Minaj defended her right to question government authority when it comes to the vaccine.

It didn’t take long for ABC “educators” to “debunk” the testicle story:

Nicki Minaj’s claim on COVID-19 vaccines and men’s sexual health doesn’t stack up under scrutiny

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Nikki Minaj


The military has always been a bastion of conservative values; progressives have attacked it from within by installing leftists like Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin in key positions. Now moonbats get a taste of their own medicine, as they are attacked from within their most secure redoubt — the entertainment industry. Nikki Minaj has doubled down on her rebellious stance.

First, she enraged the liberal establishment with a commonsense tweet advising those unsure whether to get the Covid jab as Biden demands to “pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied.”

The mob came at her like a swarm of flying monkeys. Admirably, she chose not to cower and apologize like most do these days, but to stand her ground and denounce leftist cancel culture, aptly comparing it to the totalitarianism imposed by the regime in communist China:

This illustrates why the country used to function and doesn’t anymore. No doubt there is plenty that most conservatives would disagree with Nikki Minaj about, but we can respect each other because we are all Americans who agree on the importance of fundamental freedoms like free speech and bodily autonomy. Liberals used to agree too — but not anymore, which is why Nikki Minaj has set their hair on fire.