Open war on Ivermectin by the media & the medical swamp

One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest: Down Under is now a mental ward where the crazies are calling the shots over Covid

Reminiscent of Nurse Ratched in Ken Kesey’s classic 1962 novel, Australian officials have completely lost the plot over the virus, as they rob citizens of their basic democratic and human rights in the name of protecting them.

Eight o’clock the walls whirr and hum into full swing. The speaker in the ceiling says, ‘Medications,’ using the Big Nurse’s voice.  – ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’

While George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’ remains the go-to work of literature for helping wrap one’s brain around these increasingly mental times, Kesey’s masterpiece ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ has been relegated to the back of society’s bookshelf. That’s unfortunate, especially in the case of Australia, which appears to be hard at work penning the sequel.

The role of ‘Big Nurse,’ Kesey’s tyrannical antagonist, who has an arsenal of medication at her disposal, would go to Australian health chief Dr. Kerry Chant. This medical authoritarian recently informed the 8.1 million locked-down subjects of New South Wales that Covid will be with us “forever” and people will have to just “get used to” rolling up their sleeves for endless booster shots. 

Chant’s grim assessment of Australia’s future faced no challenges from other professionals, which should come as no surprise, since the act of expressing medical second opinions – a ‘luxury’ that doctors have enjoyed since at least the Middle Ages – has been outlawed

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Paul Kelly wants us to trust him with our lives but he has not taken the time to read even one study on Ivermectin?

“There’s no evidence to support the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19. Don’t look for magic cures online, and don’t rely on what’s being peddled on the internet, because none of them work.”- Paul Kelly, Chief Medical Officer of Australia

There are 63 trials involving more than 26,000 people, often medical workers, that show that ivermectin may help prevent infection in around five out of six people if used prophylactically. If used as an early treatment it may help 60% of people or more.

And none of the journalists at the press conference today have apparently read one either.

The media bonfire over imaginary hordes of Ivermectin casualties

Photo of gunshot victims looking suspiciously overdressed for August heat waves.

The War on Ivermectin continues:

After news spread that Joe Rogan took ivermectin for Covid the legacy media “discovered”  (in the magical sense of the word) that people were overdosing on it. It was so awful that gunshot victims had to wait for treatment and people were going blind.

“Gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals, doctor says.”

As Dr Jason Mcelyea said:

“Some people taking inappropriate doses have actually put themselves in worse conditions than if they’d caught COVID.”

“The scariest one that I’ve heard of and seen is people coming in with vision loss.”

It was such perfect Psy-Ops against ivermectin it’s like it could have been written by a Hollywood studio. Within a day it turned out to be fake news. RollingStone got the hot quotes from Doctor Jason A. Mcelyea, who is affiliated with two hospitals in Oklahoma.  One of the two, NHS Sequoyah, went so far as to issue a statement which basically said he hasn’t worked at the hospital in the last two months, and far from there being a queue of blinded people vomiting up their ivermectin, there was not one, as in zero, patients:

NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications relate to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose.

Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care.

The hospital even changed its home page to make sure people got the message.

There are a lot of other hospitals in Oklahoma where gunshot victims might have laid waiting for hours, but Zero Hedge reports that according to the Oklahoma Centre for Poison and drug information the total number of Ivermectin poisonings reported in the whole state in the last four months was eleven.

Zero Hedge also phoned the other hospital that Mcelyea worked at, and all they got was a laugh, “the gentleman who answered the phone sounded quite amused.

So this was a slap in the face to Rolling Stone

It’s a legendary fail in journalism. The illustrious pop culture review magazine hadn’t even bothered to make one phone call to check the veracity of anything before going to press. It was grovelling apology and retraction time. Instead, Rolling Stone called it an “Update” and added:  “Rolling Stone has been unable to verify any such cases…” 

Even though the new information basically slayed the entire original story, they simply added the new information at the top, turning the headline into a Rorschach test where anyone could find whatever endpoint they wanted.

It’s one of the longest, most uselessly ambiguous headlines you can read anywhere. If I tell you not to think of Pink Elephants, what animal are you thinking of?

Robby Soave at  lists the global news pile on and points out just how ugly this was. The deplorables were not just fools risking their own necks, they were wrecking hospitals for everyone as well:

It was quickly picked up by national news outlets, such as Rolling Stone, Newsweekand the New York Daily NewsNumerous high-profile media figures, including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, tweetedabout ivermectin overdoses straining Oklahoma hospitals—the implication being that the right-wing embrace of a crank COVID-19 cure was dangerous not only for the people who consumed it but for the stability of the entire medical system. It was a story that appeared to confirm many of the mainstream media’s biases about the recklessness of the rubes.

InsiderNewsweek,  and The Guardian “updated” their articles (somewhat). The New York Daily News has not.

It was all confirmation bias writ large and moving at the speed of cut-n-pasting.

Strangely Twitter has not banned any of the guilty parties, nor slapped warnings about disinformation on any of their accounts.

The problem is not just the media — it’s the medical swamp too

Rolling Stone added that there were 459 cases of ivermectin overdoses in the entire US in August according to the National Poison Data System. It sounds like a lot but since there are 6,000 hospitals in the US, that means each hospital might see one ivermectin overdose over the course of a whole year. It’s probably not the cause of too many delays with gun victims.

But if people are overdosing on veterinary products, that means that something is going terribly wrong in the US Health system (and other nations too). Millions of people have no faith in their medical system. If patients could get prescriptions for treatments they have confidence in, there wouldn’t be this problem.

The solution we all want is for doctors to be able to prescribe the medicines they think are most appropriate, and to be able to speak their minds freely.

Talk to your GP. Give them information. Find protocol suggestions on the FLCCC site.

***** has the most detailed description of the whole incident.

The story started on a local radio station” KFOR on Sept 1.



One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest

While few would find fault with Chant’s wry observation that “we want diseases to be totally eliminated,” it is the total absence of democratic procedure in this wild goose chase that is alarming. After all, it was Dr. Chant who advised citizens in the heat of summer not to “start up a conversation” with others in public spaces – a wonderful excuse to keep the populace squirming under the heel of bureaucracy. 

ALSO ON RT.COMAustralia goes down under the boot as citizens in Sydney are ordered to avoid casual conversation – even with a mask and vaccine

In the next chapter of this Keseyian tragedy, Australian leaders are passionately signaling – virtuously, of course – that the only way to escape from creeping medical apartheid is for everyone to submit to the jab. 

There is going to be a vaccinated economy, and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated,” Victoria Premier Dan ‘Big Brother’ Andrews informed a roomful of puzzled and muzzled reporters. “We’re going to move to a situation where, to protect the health system, we are going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be.”

Aside from ‘ape-shit crazy,’ there is really only one way to interpret that incredibly disturbing remark: either you agree to submit to a vaccination, or the “vaccinated economy” will be closed to you. Now, whether that lockout will only apply to the bread and circuses that make up Victoria’s vibrant cultural scene – nightclubs, concerts and sporting events, for example – or to the more indispensable venues, such as grocery stores and medical clinics, the Dear Leader would not say. 

Listening to Andrews’ ominous words, which come across as nothing short of outright blackmail, brought to mind a passage in Kesey’s novel where an orderly is trying to get one of the patients to take a bright red pill against his will. When the man continues to refuse, Big Nurse enters the scene to assert her authority over the situation.

But the Big Nurse has come up quietly, locked her hand on his arm, paralyzes him all the way to the shoulder. 

That’s alright, Miss Flynn,” she says. “If Mr. Taber chooses to act like a child, he may have to be treated as such. We’ve tried to be kind and considerate with him. Obviously, that’s not the answer. Hostility, hostility, that’s all the thanks we get. You can go, Mr. Taber, if you don’t wish to take your medication orally.

Without giving away the plot, Mr. Taber eventually does get his medication, totally against his will, and in the most invasive way imaginable. And contrary to what Big Nurse had said, it was not the wary patient who had demonstrated “hostility,” but rather the medical staff themselves. It is interesting to note how a patient merely asking questions with regard to his medical treatment is ridiculed as behaving “like a child.” 

It would be nice to end this piece with a Looney Tunes “That’s all folks!” but the story gets darker. So dark, in fact, that it overshadows some of the worst scenes in the entire oeuvre of dystopian literature.

In an apparent effort to prove that fact is far more sinister than fiction, Australian lawmakers rushed through an Identify and Disrupt Bill, which seems destined to curtail the already diluted rights of Australians still further. 

ALSO ON RT.COMVictoria premier extends statewide lockdown, again, as Aussie police granted power to covertly HACK citizens’ phones & alter data


Not content with monitoring people’s online activity, the Australian Federal Police have now been blessed with the power to – are you sitting down? – access the personal online accounts of private citizens and impersonate the targeted user, potentially sending out messages in their name.

Although designed to go after ‘criminals’, the question comes down to exactly who, these days, would be identified as such. It’s just a wild hunch, but it seems like those tiresome individuals who protest against lockdowns, vaccine passports, and mandatory mask-wearing, for example, might have some reason for concern.

ALSO ON RT.COMAustralia should be ashamed & appalled by this video of police handcuffing a pregnant woman for posting an anti-lockdown message

As if that weren’t enough, Australia is busy as a beaver, building ‘quarantine camps’ across the country (here and here, for example). And, like all of the above-mentioned measures being taken to ‘protect against Covid,’ these facilities are being constructed without any semblance of democratic procedure. 

At Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience, the unwieldy name for one such camp, locals are upset that the state government gave them no prior notice that the facility was being constructed smack-bang in their backyard.

When Premier Andrews was asked why the community had not been given an opportunity to ask questions about the new facility, he responded in true authoritarian style: “That’s the site that’s been chosen and everyone, including locals, will be better off because of that.

Historically, Australia was a penal colony before evolving, over time, into the democratic state it has become today. However, given the spate of draconian measures being forced on the people without debate or due process, Down Under is increasingly returning to its roots. In fact, Ken Kesey, were he still alive, would certainly be surprised to see a living embodiment of his character ‘Big Nurse’ Ratched on duty in Australia today, forcing her will on adults and children alike – despite his prescient warning of impending institutional madness.