Germany, Italy, Britain, Netherlands: Everywhere People Protest Against Mandatory Vax

Portuguese judge who told police they would be arrested if they hit the maskless, speaks to Corona Ausschuss

Recently we posted a viral video of a Portuguese judge warning the police in no uncertain terms, that if they hit people for not wearing a mask, they would be arrested. This judge did a segment on yesterday’s Reiner Fuellmich weekly Corona webcast.

The video link is available here @ Vlad Tepes

50 000 people protested in France today for the 12th weekend in a row. That’s almost 3 months of protests. Yet there is nothing about it on the news…

‘It’s embarrassing to be an Australian in France right now’

It’s a bait & switch article by a globull worming enthusiast.

Thousands of Germans on the streets of Berlin against corona-measures accompanied by police, police vehicles and helicopters.