Lies, Damned Lies, and Vax Propaganda



Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from the Upper Austrian regional weekly Wochenblick:

The declared bankruptcy of the vaccination lobbyists

It is well known that lies have short legs. They run a little farther if you give them a helping hand with a lot of money and repeat them on a daily basis on ORF [Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austrian public broadcaster]. But now the marathon of lies is over. Christian Drosten, the mastermind of the German horde of lobbyists, admits in his latest podcast that immunity against “Corona” requires not only “vaccinations” but also recurring “Covid” infections!

A guest commentary by Gerd Reuther M.D.

Once again in plain language: You have to be “vaccinated” in order to still be able to get sick. This is the only way to create protective immunity! “Covid” infections alone would be just as inadequate as “vaccinations”. The “vaccination breakthroughs” that were previously confessed to being embarrassed are now a guarantee of success! Finally, a reservoir of the unvaccinated offers the “vaccinated” the urgently needed possibilities of infection. But who needs a “vaccination” that doesn’t prevent disease? The latest move by the vaccination mafia to establish nonsensical and dangerous injections as a fixed part of life has become a checkmate in its own right.

What a vaccine must be able to do

In the painful history of vaccination, there has never been a “vaccination” that only offered protection in combination with the disease it was supposed to prevent. Finally, the definition of vaccines includes (1) preventing disease and (2) preventing the transmission of a potential pathogen. With his most recent admission, Charité Professor Drosten has denied all “Covid” injection solutions the rating of “vaccination”!

Hopeless justification

The claim that the “Covid vaccines” would at least prevent a severe progression of the disease is the last bastion of futile justifications. In the case of diseases that — like “Covid” — only extremely rarely have a greater negative impact on health, it can always be assumed that these could have been more severe without the “vaccination”. After all, nobody has a direct comparison! The severity of a viral disease has nothing to do with the pathogen anyway, but with the immune system of the person affected. If this is severely damaged, nothing can protect it from a severe course.

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