Pope Francis Praises Merkel For Ruining Germany

Germany’s New Parliament Elects Leftist as Speaker

There is no hope for Germany. These people have substituted GOD for the state. The almighty gubbermint must rule, regulate & control everything. Germany is f*kced.

Pope Francis: Angela Merkel ‘Will Go Down in History as One of the Great Leaders’

Pope Francis: Angela Merkel ‘Will Go Down in History as One of the Great Leaders’

“Great leaders” like Pol Pot & Chairman Mao. Merkel firmly set Germany on the path to ruin from which there is no escape.

Merkel And Her Final Betrayal – “The End” of Germany and Europe?…

Merkel got Germany ready for the “Great Reset”

Let Poland be Poland. Let Hungary be Hungary.

Poland is being threatened with economic sanctions, including a possible withholding of annual EU stipends and money set aside for EU nations to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Responding to these threats, Prime Minster Mateusz Morawiecki is accusing the EU of “blackmailing” Poland and holding a “gun to our head.”

“If you want to make Europe into a nation-less superstate,” says Morawiecki, “first gain the consent of all European countries and societies for this.”

The questions raised by the rebellious Poles are fundamental: Which takes precedence, when they come into conflict, Poland’s constitution and Poland’s laws, or the laws of the European Union?

French Conservatives Tighten Ties With Hungary

Eric Zemmour: Poland Must Oppose Threats and Blackmail From Brussels.

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