There are no side effects

Rinse & repeat: there are no side effects!

Teen equestrian star Cienna Knowles hospitalised with blood clots after Pfizer vaccine

A “super healthy” equestrian star who was hospitalised with blood clots has blamed it on the Pfizer vaccine. Officials haven’t confirmed her claims.

Cienna Knowles from the NSW Central Coast shared her experience in a series of viral social media posts, writing that she “never wanted” the Covid-19 vaccine as she was scared of side effects, but ultimately got it to keep her job.

Oh how they lie! Look how they dump a load of BS on us for questioning the “science”:
“…. authorities have not confirmed her condition is connected to the Pfizer shot – which to date has not been linked to blood clotting issues as a known side effect in Australia – with NSW Health urging the public to “use credible sources of
Dennis Prager on his recovery from Covid with no vaxx and use of Ivermectin, and the MSM lies and hatred because of it.

Spain Must Repay 1 Million Covid Fines, First Lockdown Ruled Unconstitutional

The Spanish government has set up a special task force to reimburse or cancel more than a million fines issued to citizens during the first illegal coronavirus lockdown. The decision comes following the July ruling of the Spanish Constitutional Court, which declared the socialist governments’ oppressive lockdown measures unconstitutional.


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  1. (1) The test for the coronavirus doesn’t work, says its inventor;
    (2) The common Flu IS a coronavirus;
    (3) Flu cases this year are zero, while “COVID” cases match last year’s Flu numbers.
    Ergo, it’s a scamdemic.

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