Swamp Rats, a Woke Pope, Chemtrails & Affirmative Action Turds

Pope Francis Calls for Big Tech to Censor ‘Hate Speech,’ ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Far-left  Commie Pope Francis has joined the chorus of global elites calling for more Big Tech censorship, demanding “in the name of God” that tech companies crack down on “hate speech,” “fake news,” and “conspiracy theories.”

During an address on Saturday, the notoriously left-wing pontiff expressed his ire with Big Tech companies for not doing enough censorship.

 Marxist Moslem  John Brennan, a swamp rat Obama tasked with running the CIA, is involved in weird experiments:

You can’t run a country with hateful halfwits like this in positions of authority:

Cori Bush says millions of black Americans are being killed because white supremacists are drilling for oil.

‘We Gotta Take These Motherf***ers Out’: Rutgers Assoc. Professor Rages Against White People 

Half a century of affirmative action & all you get is  whitey-hatin’ slum dwellers who openly call to annihilate the white race?