Massive Increase in Vax victims; Vaccine Effectiveness Dropping to Zero

New Lancet Study From Sweden Shows Vaccine Effectiveness Against Infection Dropping to Zero and Sharp Decline Against Severe Disease As Well

I’ll just leave that here.
Let’s hope it makes those think a bit harder, who believe injecting every man, woman, and child with bleeding-edge mRNA drugs will end this totalitarian hysteria.

The lies are stupid, brazen and absurd:

Dear vaccinated, ‘You’re not fully vaccinated, you never will be’

We are being betrayed by our Governments. This is a game of Russian Roulette.. and this is just what is possible in the short term, the long term consequences are wholly unknown.
Big corporate interests, Governments and medical systems all over the world are hanging innocent people out to dry. Are we going to take risks like this with our children? Are you?

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Why don’t people see how unethical and crazy it is to MANDATE a vaccine that doesn’t stop transmission in order to get an education, have a job, or participate in society? What is this really about?
From Kym
“Here is my 6 week long anecdotal recount of what I’ve been through since my second Pfizer shot. My fight for answers.
No heart or medical conditions with myself or family history of heart conditions, until now. Just a 38 year old Mum, who was healthy.
4/10/21) – (14 days post 2nd vaccination)
4 days of fever, 1 COVID test (negative), 5 days of debilitating fatigue, light bleeding (menstrual cycle not due) some small heart flutters.
I developed a persistent cough towards the end of the week. Dr advised virus, rest and fluids.
Week beginning (11/10/21)
Continued heart flutters without exercise, cough continuing with the addition of a heavy chest menstrual type bleeding continuing.
Week beginning (18/10/21)
Increase in palpitations both intensity and frequency, Bleeding continued. Chesty cough worsening.
Sat 23/10 – heart palpitations becoming more frequent, chesty cough continues, fever again.
Sun 24/10 – frequent throbbing heart palpitations with any form of walking, increase in intensity. Went to Emergency. On arrival I was rushed in and placed on an ECG, bloods and x-rays taken, fever present. Placed straight on prednisone, ceftriaxone and doxycycline. Admitted to a ward, spent the night on a heart monitor. One tachycardia episode was recorded (when I got out of bed).
Monday 25/10 discharge dr verbally confirmed that these symptoms are related to the Pfizer vaccine. When I asked for the diagnosis written down on my discharge papers, the ‘tone’ in the room changed!
When asking the doctor for this verbal diagnosis to be put into writing, the answer was:
‘no, there is no need, this is normal and are just symptoms of the vaccine’.
I informed the dr that my ‘symptoms’ were also called ‘an adverse event’ and must be reported to the TGA or QLD Health. Again the response was, ‘these are just symptoms of your vaccine not an adverse event, they are two different things’.
I continued to push the issue with reporting this ‘event’. I then asked what my prognosis was and when these tachycardia events would subside. The doctor responded, ‘we don’t know, we don’t have data’, to which I responded that this is why I was pushing the point to have this event documented and reported. Immediately after this question, the doctor stated to me that I was ‘just admitted for reassurance!’
This doctor did not admit me, an Emergency Dr did, this doctor had only met me for 5 minutes, stood at the end of my bed, no physical exam conducted.
I was discharged with my papers stating ‘confident to be vaccination Pfizer – related symptoms/ reported to QLD Health re: adverse following injection.’
All medication was ceased on discharge, told to rest and see GP.
I spent the next two days (26,27th Oct) with continued episodes of tachycardia when walking around, chest getting heavier (bricks on my chest) pains under both breast, pain through my whole rib cage, cough continuing to get worse.
27/10 (Evening) I laid down to go to bed but my heart rate continued to pulsate through my whole body, it wasn’t slowing down. I turned up at another hospital, triage nurse placed me on pulse reader and said yes you have tachycardia. I was rushed straight through to ER. I relayed the history of the past few weeks, ECG completed, heart monitor on, bloods, more bloods to check for clotting, chest x-ray. I told the doctor it was Pfizer related and I really wanted an ultrasound to see if my heart was inflamed. Dr disregarded previous diagnosis and ruled it was Acute Bronchitis and to see my GP for review and management. This doctor did send me home with a letter to my GP to be placed on a holster monitor to monitor my tachycardia as the doctor said it could not be observed in a hospital bed. Sent home on prednisone.
28/10 – GP consult – the focus is now treating the ‘Acute Bronchitis’ to see if this resolves the heart. Placed back on ceftriaxone and doxycycline. Return next week if symptoms persist.
29/10- continued heart palpitations when moving from a sit to stand, walking, new symptom of pain radiating down my left arm and leg, leg cramps. Presented at hospital, ECG, CT chest scan, bloods. All came back ok, including a clear chest with now no Acute Bronchitis as previously diagnosed 24 hours prior. I was told that I needed to be admitted for monitoring again. I declined after waiting a further 4 hours to be admitted. I told the emergency doctor that there would be no outcome different to the previous 3 hospital visits this week, where I would be sent home again with rest, nothing further done, she agreed. Emergency doctor asked that I see a cardiologist next week for follow up as they have observed my heart rate increase when sitting up and a decrease in saturation levels when talking. Doctor verbally said that symptoms were consistent with myocarditis but all tests thus far seem to rule this out. Drs words ‘I’m baffled.’
30/10/21 – At home resting until I am contacted by a cardiologist on Monday 1/11/21. Symptoms continue: heart palpitations when sitting up and walking. Cramps in my left leg, dead and aching left arm. Attended Emergency again in the afternoon. Rushed through with tachycardia on triage. Bloods taken, told I drink too much (I don’t drink alcohol) then told I drink too much coffee. I then enacted ‘Ryan’s Rule’ as they told me to go home and rest. Head Emergency dr came and told me ‘over 200 people have presented with this in the past month, it’s all subconscious, you’ll be fine’. I asked for a referral to a cardiologist, he said yes, but will need to wait up to 30 days at least.
2/11/21 – GP app 9:45am- palpitations and chest stabbing pain continuing with walking and lying down. GP arranged cardiologist referral and referral for ultrasound (ECG), return on Thursday 4/11 to be fitted with halter for heart monitoring. GP Unable to obtain telemetry results from hospital stay??
4/11 – 9am fitted with telemetry halter monitor for 48hrs, continued palpitations and chest pains, left arm aching and left side of chest under breast bone when walking and lying flat.
5/11 – cardiologist app 1:15pm for ECG. Awaiting results and next cardiologist app. Cardiologist assistant conducting ECG asked symptoms, length of symptoms and asked if I had had Pfizer.
6/11 – GP – removal of halter and upload of data. Results available within the next 7days. GP checked blood pressure.
8/11 – Returned to work, came home with additional palpitations and heart / chest pain and severe fatigue, dead aching left arm
10/11 – GP app – medical certificate for the rest of the working week.
10/11 – Cardiologist app – confirmed pericarditis placed on heart medication.
Finally, treatment I need and a way forward, with future cardiologist appointments already booked.
I am now thousands of dollars in debt, with Christmas on its way and three young children. I will not allow my husband to be injected, even though it will be ‘mandated’ in his industry.
Where will this leave my family? No income, because I’m sick from the injection and a husband being forced to take it if he wants to keep his job. What will happen to our three children if he also succumbs to this injection?”
From Chris
“I am ( or was ) a relatively fit and healthy 31 year old that exercised almost on a daily basis. I am going on 5 weeks post Pfizer Covid -19 vaccine and have chronic headaches, shortness of breath, I struggle to walk up my stairs at home most of the time and have extremely bad twitches. Have not had issues like this before. My twitches are so bad that I can not feed our 12 month old baby daughter, I have woken up I have lost count how many times twitching, have spilt drinks down the front of me the list goes on. I presented to the ED 2 days after first Pfizer vaccine where they were treating me for a bleed on the brain my symptoms were extreme. Have since had 3 sets of bloods taken, MRI, CT scans, chest X-Ray and an Ultrasound on my Liver as the nurse at ED said readings were high ( had another 2 blood tests within 14 days to monitor as per Nurses direction from ED ) where Liver reading rose another two more times.
I have had 5 doctors appointments and a Neurologist appointment.
I feel as tho my GP and the Neurologist are pushing me aside and not wanting to make a issue , or anything at all in regards to this, to the point where the GP has said, “ you still qualify for your second vaccine, as it may fix these issues that have come up.” As I said was fine pre vaccine as we were planning on buying our first family home and growing our family. After my last appointment with my GP on Friday 5/11/2021 her exact words were, I don’t know where to go or what to look for next.
I have been put on epilepsy medication, ( I do not have epilepsy )
I have been prescribed with Ventalin, ( I have never had asthma before ) and my liver issue was put down to Fatty liver, ( I eat healthy, and before this was exercising on a daily basis, and I’m not overweight) my twitches, the Neurologist said he thinks this may be anxiety as he has never seen this before post vaccine and I need to fix all other issues first.
I told him I am at the end of my patience as I am struggling to do everyday things in life, and my biggest problem with this was I can no longer at the moment nurse my 12 month old daughter to sleep. Not sure what can be done, if anything but some form of guidance would be appreciated. If you want to post this to spread the word, be my guest.”
Part 2
“Thank you for all of you help and guidance,
I just thought I would give you a bit of an update. Had more follow ups with GP, managed to get half a truth out of her.
She is sending me second opinion with neurologist as she strongly believes it’s not anxiety, and my liver I have another blood test to see where my levels are, I poked and prodded with my liver asking question after question until she finally cracked and said, “ there have been a few cases where liver reading can spike after Pfizer, so I kept pushing and she told me that it is from the vaccine, and we need to constantly monitor it.”
Ten Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before You Get Vaccinated 💉
Cheat sheet:

1. No
2. No
3. Yes
4. 🤷‍♂️
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. 🤔
8. Yes
9. No
10. Pretty good.

In a few years time, when the colossal damage, arrogance and stupidity of the last 18 months becomes clear, three things that will never be trusted again: “The Science”- The Government. The media.
And that won’t be a bad thing.
A scientific community that engages in and tolerates slander, bullying, silencing and ad hominem attacks, is a scientific community that destroys itself and its reputation.