Perfect timing for the #NU virus

People will not wake up before they realise that Covid is a permanent condition, not just “two weeks to flatten the curve”. In other words, Covid is just another word for NWO or the “Great Reset”.

I still can’t believe that MSM tried to blame vaccine injuries on #climatechange. We are a long way beyond parody, folks.
Even Orwell is like, ‘I didn’t write that…’

It’s perfectly normal to be in the final stages of a vaccine trial for something discovered 3 days ago in Malawi.

British vaccine could give strong protection against new super-mutant Covid strain: Tweaked version of AstraZeneca jab is in final trial stages and may be ready within weeks

  • Immunologist Sir John Bell said its too late to stop the South African variant 
  • But Oxford/AstraZeneca team has developed a vaccine variant in preparation
  • Tests are underway and the tweaked jab could be ready within weeks  

A British vaccine that could provide strong protection against the new super-mutant Covid strain is already in the final trial stages, it was revealed last night.


Population of Australia
November 21, 2021
Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases 2020-2021:
Those who don’t have, and never have had, Covid-19: