Protests Everywhere in the World, Ignored by the Media

From XYZ

A well organised and peaceful protest was held at Victoria’s parliament last week. Freedom protesters occupied the high ground overnight and stayed there all the next day.

It was brilliant optics and a moral victory. The image of hundreds of ordinary Aussies reminding our politicians that they are elected to represent us contrasted sharply with the comical displays by Victoria Police during Melbourne’s extreme lockdowns. Ludicrously armoured, black clad officers often stood in phalanx formation for hours as though Hannibal himself were about to lead an army up parliament’s steps.

That’s what you call a humiliation.

Similarly at the massive protest in Melbourne on Saturday, a plain clothed Sky News crew were sent packing as they reported on the hundreds of thousands of people congregating at Flagstaff Gardens. They were jovially surrounded by people booing, jeering, questioning why on earth they were wearing masks outdoors when nobody else was, and blowing horns. A few minutes later as they tried to report from the other side of William Street they were sent packing again.