Today’s Protests Against Covid Tyranny in Melbourne

Chants of “fuck Dan Andrews” as tens of thousands pile onto the streets of Melbourne right now as another weekend of worldwide protests against covid tyranny kicks off.

Unfortunately, I personally have no hope that peaceful protests will change anything. That train left the station.

Tens of thousands of “freedom” protesters have vowed to “continue weekly rallies and ramp up the disruption” against coronavirus vaccine mandates and the pandemic bill that was passed in state parliament this week.

‘Freedom’ protesters plan to demonstrate ‘every day’ against COVID-19 vaccination mandates and the Victoria pandemic bill

The chairman Dan brigade appears, all dressed up with no place to go:


As Belgium turns into a Covid prison, they’re labelling people not getting injected with the experimental covid vaccine “far right” now.
I’ve never seen such a mixture of people standing up for their freedoms like they have with this plandemic.
And it’s been all races, religions and every corner of the political spectrum, this is just another pathetic attempt to divide and conquer!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Protests Against Covid Tyranny in Melbourne”

  1. Fight this madness, dear friends, it is only 5 % FLU and 95 % politics.
    Pfizer is injecting poison into bodies and sending millions into pockets of politicians who take ivermectin if they get the FLU.

  2. The extremist left, the GLOZYs (GLOBALIST SOCIALISTS) are determined to go the way of their favourite predecessors, the Nazis. They have Ms. Goebbels running her mouth, Mr. Gestapo fining and jailing law abiding people, while Mr. Mengele is experimenting with people’s lives. Soon, we will see Mr. SS and their god, Mr. Hitler….They never learn……Ms. Merkel, you have done so well! with that dog smile, and piercing eyes…how can we forget you!

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