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First, the good news:

Crowd Size at Trump Rally in Texas Was Massive – an Estimated 50,000 Show Up to See President Trump in Conroe

Trump Praises Canadian Truckers – Calls on Congress to Rehire EVERY Soldier or Marine Fired by Joe Biden over Vaccine Mandate (VIDEO)


CNN Tries To Put Jim Acosta In Their Primetime Lineup And He’s A Ratings Dud

Howard Stern: ‘I Don’t Like Censorship,’ but Neil Young was Right to Push Blacklist Against Joe Rogan

Where would this a$$hat he be if he had been censored?

Censorship Mob Wants Joe Rogan’s head

Biden Surgeon General Murthy Calls on Big Tech to Blacklist Comedian


Biden-appointed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said Silicon Valley tech companies have an “important role to play” in preventing the spread of alleged coronavirus “misinformation.” His comments came during an MSNBC interview that specifically mentioned Joe Rogan.

EXCLUSIVE: Syrian, Russian Migrants Apprehended at West Texas Border

Parents Outraged: 4th-5th Graders Asked to Join Queer Club Without Their Consent