Aussie #ConvoyToCanberra

Protesters and truckers are now at the doors of the Parliament House in Canberra! Go Aussies!

BREAKING: #ConvoyToCanberra is about 15km long now heading south.

Spontaneous, unorganised badly funded, but it looks like a national awakening. Will you join in?

#ConvoyForFreedom2022 #ConvoyToCanberra

We’ve had ENOUGH of the tyranny

END the mandates NOW

We’ve had enough of our Human Rights being abused

We’ve had enough of our Freedoms being taken away

We’ve had enough of the Police State

We’ve had enough of the clowns running the place


It is not the politicians who run this country – its the truckies. Australia needs all truckies to roll up and defend our Great Nation. WITHOUT TRUCKS AUSTRALIA STOPS! When Australia stops, the balance of power turns back to the people.