Fraudci, Soros, Gates & Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset Forum in Davos

A communist world government to rule and regulate every step you take?

The usual BS about “climate change”, “sustainability” and all the claptrap out of Agenda 21 & 30 from the United Nations. 

Tax the Rich: World Economic Forum Hears Call for Global Wealth Redistribution

I shudder every time propagandist scribblers use words like “philanthropist”for the likes of Gates, Soros or Klaus Schwab. Why don’t they use their own money for all they wonderful things they want government money (taxpayer dollars) for?

The World Economic Forum (WEF), an international NGO, launched an initiative named the “Great Reset” in June 2020. The initiative calls for rebuilding from the COVID-19 pandemic in an equitable and sustainable way, according to the WEF’s website. Various conspiracy theories related to the term have been debunked, the BBC and Lead Stories report. Most recently, a documentary made numerous claims about the pandemic, global current affairs and the potential of a new world order that would be brought on by The Great Reset, Reuters reports.

Who is really spreading misinformation here?  At this point Reuters should be classed as satire.

Reuters is owned by the NWO creeps. This is counter propaganda.

To Punish Poor People Creepy Bill Gates Proposes Carbon Taxes at World Economic Forum (VIDEO)

We suffered “Carbon taxes” already once under that creepy, unelected G-Lard. There is no appetite for more.

And then comes Merkel’s successor @OlafScholz, a fellow Stasi agent:

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  1. When Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Tony Fauci, Dutch PM Mark Rutte, George Soros, Ursula von der Leyen, and other shars of the same ilk, have nothing and can look me in the eye and say they are happy, then I might believe them.

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