Texas Synagogue Attacker Meets Virgins


The FBI don’t believe the terrorist hostage taker at the Texas synagogue was an antisemitic event because it was “singularly focused on one issue” which was not “specifically related to the Jewish community. “We are continuing to work to find motive.”

Good luck with that.

Texas Synagogue Hostages Rescued

Terrorist Dead

Demanded ’Lady Al Qaeda’ Release

WFAA video shows rescue of three hostages from Congregation Beth Israel. (WFAA Video Screenshot/Josh Stephen)

A video shot by a Dallas ABC news crew shows the final moments of the near 12-hour standoff at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue late Saturday night. The video shows what appears to be the three remaining hostages fleeing out a door followed shortly by a man holding a pistol.

Texas: Muslim hostage-taker dead, all hostages safe

It doesn’t look at this point as if Aafia Siddiqui is his sister by blood, but by faith in Islam. “Texas officials say all hostages safe, out of Colleyville synagogue; hostage-taker dead,”

First with victim card: ‘journalist’ Wajahat Ali warns of ‘Islamophobia’ in wake of Texas synagogue hostage crisis