Unvaxxed Lives Matter

‘Do the right thing’ is the most abusive, deceptive, and misused phrase in modern politics. It means ‘do what I say, or else’. #covid19

Dr McCullough went on The Joe Rogan Experience and told the world how our leaders intentionally hid Covid treatment so people would be more willing to take the jab, and now it’s been listened to over 40 million times. People are waking up to the government corruption!

The lamestream media is going down with lies, denial & corruption:

Covid, climate change, racism, gun control, Jan. 6th, stacking the Supreme Court, etc. what other shit will the Biden regime throw on the wall to try & distract from all his failures? Let’s Go Brandon!

These so-called ‘vaccines’ never provided any immunity at all.

Does anyone else find it strange that in the year BEFORE the Covid pandemic the global figures for seasonal flu was 650,000 DEAD. And back in 1918 the Spanish flu killed over 50 million. Yet in 2020, while almost half a billion died from the Covid virus, the number dead from the Flu was unusually low??? Seem odd to you?

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