Canberra: regime uses sonic weapons on protesters

A conspiracy yes, not just a theory!

Australian Federal Police used “sonic weapons” on anti-vaccine mandate protesters in Canberra last Saturday.

This is not a “conspiracy theory”.

What is the mentality of rulers whom, when asked in federal parliament if a military gradesound weapon was used against their own people, just laugh?

This, despite the fact that photographic evidence exists that an LRAD, (Long Range Acoustic Device) was deployed outside the front of Parliament House in Canberra on March 12, 2022, during the biggest protest Australia’s capital has ever seen, against vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions.

Despite video evidence that an LRAD was deployed.

Despite people reporting bizarre symptoms which which may be consistent with the use of an LRAD.

It could just be heatstroke, but considering the photo and video evidence, this should at least be investigated.

Evidence also exists that this weapon has been deployed around Canberra, not just at Parliament House.

Furthermore, evidence exists which may confirm Pauline Hanson’s claim that security agencies are deliberately jamming the communication devices of peaceful protesters.

The Regime has been forced to give ground, admitting that LRAD’s were indeed used, but claiming that they were only used to broadcast warnings:

As thousands of anti-vax protesters descended on Canberra last weekend, police were out in force in the nation’s capital, with Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw noting that the lack of coordination among demonstrators provided a “challenge” for law enforcement.

There’s more. Much more.

Question of the Day:

Now that hundreds of thousands of vaccinated people are lining up to claim a vaccine injury compensation from the Government, my question is why should we unvaccinated people pay for their vaccine injuries with our tax money?

“Extremism” is such a woke bullshit word. The correct term here is climate racketeering.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives has the responsibility for control and management of Parliament House and its immediate surroundings (the precincts) under the Parliamentary Precincts Act 1988). To the heckling and ridicule of other MPs, Craig Kelly the Member for Hughes asked The Speaker to confirm if, on Saturday 12th Feb, when Canberra witnessed the largest protest in capital’s history when many tens of thousands of Australians travelled from all corners of the nation, to protest against abuses of human rights resulting from unethical & immoral vaccine mandates – 1. Did the AFP positioned one or more Long-Range Acoustic Devices, in the Parliamentary Precincts, with the intention that it be used as a sonic weapon against protestors that included nurses, school teachers, paramedics and Indigenous leaders ? 2. Did the AFP seek approval from the Presiding officers to deploy such a device ? 3. Where Long-Range Acoustic Devices used against the protestors on the day ?