Censorship, Tyranny & Big Tech

England is truly f*kced. Once upon a time I liked that place. Nowadays I don’t even wanna go back there for a visit.

#German Health Minister says Tyrannical #Covid19 Restrictions for #Unvaccinated were based on “Software Error”

Oops! Sorry unvaccinated creatures.

Too bad.

Too bad Adolph didn’t have the right software. LOL!

Each one of the service dogs they left behind in Afghanistan is worth more than any of these censorious, traitorous social media subversives.

The Taliban, Ayatollah Khomeini, Sharia Sarsour, and every other genocidal savage are welcome on these platforms to spew their poison and incite to violence and murder but good, decent Americans, President Trump, Pamela Geller & colleagues,  are banned, censored, demonized. The Democrat complex has declared war on the America. We need to rise up and defeat the enemy within.