Fraudci, IVM in Japan, Vax Terror in Churches in WA

Stuck on stupid:

Didn’t the Pfizer CEO tell us that there is nothing on the market that works against the ‘Omicron variant’ and the soonest they might have something is not before the end of March? So why is this harebrained hag pushing the same useless vax to be injected in you & me?

NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant has urged residents to come forward for a third shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, saying the booster is “essential” in “maximising your protection” against the Omicron variant.
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Do you think Pfizer will approve the FDA’s application for Babyvax even though the Pfizer CEO himself said it offers zero protection against omicron?

FB calls this “fake news”. The reality is that it’s not something we made up. It was reported in the NZ Herald. That means they must have at least considered it.


WA’s wanna-be dictator McGowan is sending in his goon squads into churches to enforce his ridiculous rules… meanwhile in other nations of the world they’re winding back the covid plandemic rules.  Two years on, they’ve proven as useless as McGowan is clueless. Maybe he could use his billion dollar budget surplus to properly fund health & hospitals instead.

Big Tech is working overtime to silence Dr. Malone, but not on Daily Wire. Candace Owens sits with him for 3 hours to discuss everything: