Honk Honk!

War against Russia? Are these people serious?

So much stupid and no end in sight!

The nerve! Trudeau, son of a whore, just emerged as a totalitarian dictator. Now he is trying to sell himself as a free speecher:

Honk Honk!

This pissant is one of Trudeau’s sock puppets, She claims to be a jewish “survivor’ of G-d knows what and draws up fanciful horror scenarios that lack even a spick of reality:

One thought on “Honk Honk!”

  1. So now Honk Honk means Heil Hitler?! Really?!

    Jeez, not even the ‘nazis’ on Gab thought of that one, much less 4CHAN (or is it now 8)CHAN) LOL!

    The self-inflicted masochistic paranoia of these libocrites runs deep …


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