Nothing happened in Canberra…

… because the ABC & the rest of our drecks media didn’t report it.

So what’s this thing with HIV in the vaccine?

If you learn anything from #Canada let it be this:

#Freedom is NOT allowed in the new ‘world order’. #Trudeau is part of a collection of leaders that have used #Covid19 to re-write democracy into a set of fear-driven dictatorships.

You may only protest if THEY want you to.

Please, take the knee for our self imposed Lord and Savior.
But, please keep your fanatical lack of science based opinions to yourself.
This is pure genius gold!

Biggest rally I’ve seen in Canberra and I’ve been in parliament for 11 years. End the mandates. — George Christensen

One thought on “Nothing happened in Canberra…”

  1. Re: “50 MILLION doses of ‘vaccine recalled as they triggered ‘false positives’ in HIV tests. The magnitude of this is beyond wrong. This is channel 7 news.”

    ‘False’ my ass – those things deliberately contain the HIV virus, and now that scientists know what to look for, they have to recall them to cover up the evidence of the crime!

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