Our woke military will blow the Ruskies away (or maybe not)

No one can keep up with the deluge of news & propaganda, be it Ukraine, Corona or the warming racket. We just try to stay away from the worst of it and help you get through it with a smile on your face. 

The Snake Island story was fake, the Ghost of Kyiv was fake, the photos of Zelensky in body armour were fake (they’re old pictures being circulated as new ones) Ukraine-Russia is World War Reddit…


Alexandra Marshall says:
There are handfuls of fake photos and lazy journalist grabs online – but the war is real. The #Russian assault is real. #Ukraine fighting for its right to exist is real. ‘Oh I found a fake photo!’ does not erase what’s happening, nor does it mean that everything is fake.

Yes indeed, the war is real and we will win it, like we win all wars:

European nations throw open borders to Ukrainian refugees

Anti-refugee governments in Poland and Hungary take decidedly different tone after Russian invasion forces tens of thousands to flee.

Countries across Eastern Europe have announced plans to host hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been turning up at the country’s border crossings with Poland, Romania and Moldova. Many of these countries, which have taken a hardline stance towards refugees arriving from countries such as Syria and Afghanistan in recent years have taken a decidedly different tone in pledging to host and support their Ukranian neighbours.

Even Newsmax resorts to fake footage:

MSNBC: “Biden doing great. Anything bad that’s happening is Trump’s fault.”