Biden, Ukraine & Energy

There are no good guys in this war. Yes, Putin is a tyrant and a thug. He went to war against Ukraine just like he went to war against Crimea, Chechnya & Georgia. He believes these former Soviet Republics still belong to him and he can beat them up just like a drunk husband beats his wife, only to say ‘look what you made me do’. On the other side, you have Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former actor and comedian, who is a disciple of Klaus Schwab & the ‘Great Reset’, who also has the blessing of George Soros. What is the West really supporting here?

If you support Ukraine, you support George Soros, the Biden crime family, Pelosi, Obama, Clintons & the whole cabal of corrupt DemRats who use Ukraine to launder money &  engage in all kinds of heinous crimes.

Globalists Send Warning: Do Not Question Our Support of Ukraine

If you dare to step out of line, there are grave consequences for you, ranging from attacks on your character, removal from your careers and community, to imprisonment.

The Russia/Ukraine war is the Globalist’s latest excuse to control the information battle-space, target individuals who disobey or contradict their narratives and strip people of their most fundamental rights. An astonishing example took place Thursday evening on Australian Television.

Biden voters and the leftists… Are the millions of barrels of oil we buy daily from Russia cleaner and better for the environment than the American oil we can easily drill? The fact is it’s actually worse and much dirtier coming from Russia. Why fund war crimes and kill innocent people? So sad. Really. The Democrats and left are absolute idiots.

The Biden regime must fall. The sooner the better:

Jayapal: Gas Prices Will Go Up ‘No Matter What’ and We Need to Move Off Fossil Fuels

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  1. $130.00 a barrel and climbing. Oil is the lifeblood of any nation. This isn’t good and will only lead to unprecedented chaos.

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