Big Tech Censorship, Climate Hyperbole, the Idiocy of ‘Net Zero’ & the Denial of Reality

Lauren Witzke is gone. Gone from Twitter for posting this:

The United States has now publicly admitted that they have «biological research facilities» in Ukraine, and they are afraid that this will fall into Russian hands. Why do Americans store potentially dangerous biological material in Ukraine? You don’t have to be a Russian to think it’s relevant to ask this.
US confirms “biological research facilities” in Ukraine

John Kerry Dolt

The UN — to quote a private remark I heard from a former Foreign Minister — is “full of pinkoes”… Guterres is one of the worst of these pinkoes. 
The UN mob will not be satisfied until we depopulate, lower living standards, destroy blue collar and middle class jobs and ruin our economy.
It’s time for the Australian taxpayer to stop funding these globalists and for our government to stop listening to them. They have no authority over our sovereign nation whatsoever.

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